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The Jacket

The men's jacket is Caruso's key product: the most versatile and dignified piece in the male wardrobe, instilling confidence and comfort in every man and situation. Our belief, in just two words: Fully Canvassed.

Full canvas, full stop.

Our tailored men's jackets have a natural soul: the canvas. Canvas is a horsehair structure masterfully woven together to hold the shape of the body that wears it, giving the garment softness, comfort, and breathability. The result is a three-dimensional jacket that follows movement with absolute freedom. It is a tradition at the service of the modern man: the more you wear it, the less you feel it. It retains its structure even after years of use and requires little maintenance, creating an almost eternal value.

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Hidden details

For Caruso, quality is a rigorous concept; our challenge is to make it comfortable through the competence of our team, material research, and attention to hidden details.

We only use the finest yarns, transforming these top-quality raw materials into precious and original handcrafted designs.
The buttonhole is always French, hand-bordered by a meter of pure silk thread. Try feeling it under your fingertips.
The hand-sewn bar tack behind the lapel, which is made to support the stem of the flower you will choose.
The reinforced undercollar is sewn with extra fabric by hand to prevent damage.

Guided by tradition, dedicated to the future

Sustainable by nature

One cannot speak of a men's tailored jacket without mentioning canvas. The alternative involves the use of adhesive plastic, also known as fusing. Although the process is simpler from a production standpoint, it creates an artificial product that lacks breathability and it is rigid and qualitatively inferior in terms of durability and performance.