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Playful Elegance

Knowing the rules in order to break them

On one side, the formal suit: a stately uniform, often blue, always the same. On the other, the maisons, are tied to a neverending cycle of seasons.

The Sweetest Spot

Then, there's Caruso; the aurea medietas transcending time and circumstances. To us, elegance is something to be lived with lightness and joy, never to be displayed. Caruso speaks to a man who wants to express his personality, choices, and perspectives nonchalantly. A philosophy of a soft, enveloping jacket that interprets the Italian savoir-faire in the most contemporary way: quality meets real life, embraces it, and makes it comfortable, inviting it to discover special hidden details.

Caruso is here: between heritage and creativity, between sophistication and cheerfulness, within tradition but outside the box.

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