Heritage and provenance

A love that moves art.

In 1958, tailor Raffaele Caruso left Naples for love. With him, the great school of Neapolitan tailoring arrived in Soragna, Parma, where there was no tailoring district or tradition. Aided by his wife, he founded his atelier and began crafting precious tailor-made garments. Over the years, through his immense talent and the entrepreneurial skills of his sons and managers, Caruso's atelier grew into a reality of 500 employees: Fabbrica Sartoriale Italiana.

In the 1990s, it caught the attention of maisons like Francesco Smalto, Lanvin, and Dior, who chose Caruso for its unique quality and unparalleled collaborative flexibility. The company became the point of reference for designers and major brands, growing through excellent word-of-mouth to become what it is today: a hub for co-creation and production for the world's top Men's fashion brands.

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Driven by change

In 2010, after the passing of Raffaele Caruso, the baton passed to Umberto Angeloni, former CEO of Brioni, who invested in the company for its extraordinary balance between production quality and final price. With CEO Marco Angeloni and the new management, Caruso's story gained fresh nuances: the sartorial men's jacket is complemented by the total look, with new projects to affirm the brand's identity and continue to break boundaries with elegance.

Made in Soragna

Soragna and its people are fundamental ingredients of Caruso's success. The Bassa Emiliana is a region that contains multitudes: humble but expressing exceptional creativity in food, opera theatre, and the pursuit of beauty.

It is a region with the unique ability to revisit tradition, rich in specific excellences: rare individuals, and tireless workers combining a strong work ethic with an unparalleled savoir-vivre.

Soragna means love for beauty, well-crafted things, and innovation; this makes the small village and its people the perfect terroir for the reality of Fabbrica Sartoriale Italiana and a brand like Caruso.