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The sartorial factory

A beautiful contradiction.
Our history

Are sartorial quality and industrial technology in contrast with each other?
They’re not, if you’re in Soragna.

If machinery is guided by the knowledgeable hands of those who draw and manufacture the most beautiful garments in the world, you achieve amazing results, and keep the customer’s best interests at heart.

In our own sartorial factory we put technology at the service of work specialization. In this way, we can dedicate our time to curating and hand crafting all the details that make the difference: the ones that improve comfort, customization, looks and durability of a truly luxurious product.

We believe in contamination as a development force:

in the creative atelier, designers from famed maisons and from our own Caruso brand imagine, experiment, share their passion with pattern and prototype developers. Relying on a 60.000 jackets models one-of-a-kind expertise.
That’s why Fabbrica Sartoriale Italiana is a precious partner for the best luxury brands: because it combines the strengths of the artisanal laboratory, the creative atelier and the modern factory in an integrated production marvel.

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