The men's wardrobe does not require a seasonal revolution to adapt to changing times and styles. Little touches go a long way.

Caruso proposes softness as a tool for constant evolution.

A light way of building tailored garments becomes an easy way to use them. This easy way is a language that Caruso calls playful elegance and which can be spoken by men of all ages and backgrounds according to individual parameters. Each man, a way.

Formality becomes easy, care and precision remain.

Caruso announces the plurality and the joy of gently breaking the rules while recognizing its value. There is no other way to do it. Caruso calls her the conscious art of not caring too much, or the freedom to be flippant while actually revering the code.

Game means lightness, but lightness is not distraction. It's an opening of possibilities, within a soft frame.

The softness that Caruso promotes is a matter of construction, but also of texture and colour. Playful elegance is bound to please all the senses, simultaneously. It's a joyous and sensual act with a proudly Italian soul.

The thoughtful spontaneity of playful elegance it is ultimately rooted in the Italian way of enjoying beauty as something special that is part of the everyday. There is a lot of beauty in what is useful.

Playful elegance it is proudly Made in Italy, but knows no borders.

In our world