About Us

Caruso purveys playful elegance, from Italy.

Far from being a mere geographical consideration, being Italian is an affirmation of both spirit and dedication to craft. Italians enjoy beauty, primarily through things that are made well. A sartorial jacket or an exquisite dish make no difference in this sense. The commitment is just the same. The language is borderless.

Playfulness, which means the ability to nonchalantly break up schemes, is certainly another Italian quality. Loving things that are made well truly matters when the same things are not taken too seriously.

Playfulness means lightness, but lightness is no absent-mindedness.
In order to play, knowing the rules is mandatory: one has to possess the know how to subsequently ignore, or mess up, all of the above.

The knowledgeable art of not caring is the value Caruso, as a brand, is built upon. It is visible in the way things are made and in the way things are meant to be used: freely.

Soft is the byword. The softness of the sartorial approach turns into a fluidity of function, as the final interpretation of each garment is left to the wearer.

Caruso heralds playful elegance thought easy pieces that merge a sartorial soul with a dynamic urbanity of spirit. By subtly yet effectively tweaking staples such as the suit, the blazer, the coat, the field jacket, the work jacket, the shirt, the trousers, playing with fabrics, details, colors and finishes, Caruso offers an open roster of possibilities: a wardrobe, meant to breath and expand organically over time.

Such openness calls up a sartorially inclined variety of types and characters of every age, style inclination and walk of life: men that are interested in using clothes to let their personality come through, not to show off a fictional self.

Tailoring, traditionally, fits clothing to the individual, and this is exactly what Caruso heralds thorough collections that are arrays of possibilities. With sixty years of experience and a deeply steeped savoir faire, Caruso prides itself being an artisanal factory which is state-of-the-art but true to sartorial tradition. This is another Italian achievement.

The result is a reverent take on irreverence, a call for thoughtful spontaneity.

Playful elegance is ultimately a matter of expression. Caruso provides the vocabulary, yet the speech obeys to personal rules.

Come, as you are.