Where do you spend most of your time lately?
In my company because in this moment my presence is necessary to support my team in defining innovative, quick turnaround strategies.  

How do you start your day?
With a 5:45 wake-up call and an hour of work-out (sport is a fundamental discipline). Then breakfast with my family, a sacred moment that I would not give up for anything in the world and getting ready for my workday.

What did you miss more during quarantine?
Without a doubt, interpersonal relationships with my staff and clients. As much as the digital technology helps reduce distances, allowing us to speed up many processes, the human warmth remains forever a key aspect inside a company.

Describe your most “Italian” lifestyle habit?
Enjoying a good dish of pasta, possibly with a sea view, with my near and dear ones. We Italians have many solid habits, our country is famous all over the world for its unique and enviable lifestyle. The weather, traditions, good food, art, and fashion are part of the richness that make Italy not only a nation but a way of life. And my region Apulia is currently one of the most appreciated on the international scene.

Your playlist of the moment?
I like Sting mixed with Massive Attack and contemporary DJs. I have two teenage kids that make me curious and on-trend.

What are your currently reading/watching?
The series Diavoli, interesting and stimulating. On my bedside table, instead, I have The Game by Alessandro Baricco, an interesting cross-section on today’s current digital revolution.

What is Playful Elegance for you?
The ability to fuse iconic, historic pieces with modern ones in a simple and effortless manner, following the emotion of the moment.

Do you have a favorite wardrobe staple?
Without doubt, a double-breasted jacket and suit. Both are a must that I cannot live without.

Is there a secret place in Italy or in your country that is especially dear to you and why?
Though I am incredibly curious and fascinated by discovering new places around the world, the Apulian seaside and countryside with the typical “Masseria” farmhouses remain the most iconic places where I am in peace with myself.

If you were to put together a look for Monday, what would it be?
Without doubt a lightweight wool blue suit by Caruso, a white or light blue shirt and a pair of cool sneakers. The perfect mix between elegance and comfort.