Where do you spend most of your time lately?
In the office, as usual; the pandemic made me realize even more how blessed I am to work in the pharmaceutical industry.

How do you start your day?
Cuddles in bed with my wife, two daughters, cat and three dogs. Then I take a cold shower and prepare for war.

What did you miss more during quarantine?
Sushi with my wife. Taking my girls to school and face-to-face business. (Incidentally, all include wearing my Caruso outfits!).

Describe your most “Italian” lifestyle habit?
Cooking gricia, matriciana, carbonara or broccoli pasta – the four pillars of Roman tradition – for my tribe.

Your playlist of the moment?
Anything that can help me withstand High Intensity Interval Training after a day of work!

What are you currently reading/watching?
Just finished Ernest Becker’s masterpiece, now looking into James Gleick, Ray Kurzweil, Robin Hanson and Steven Pinker. On YouTube, lessons by (American neuro-endocrinologist and professor of biology) Robert Sapolsky are a must-see.

What is Playful Elegance for you?
Think of Classic British and Italian Dandy having a baby, fed with only top-quality tailoring and fabrics.

Do you have a favorite wardrobe staple?
Caruso’s AIDA double-breasted jackets. Silk tricot ties. Button-down denim shirts. A cashmere turtleneck.

Is there a secret place in Italy or in your country that is especially dear to you and why?
Rome’s decadence makes me ponder on the meaning of it all. Lake Montorfano, where 11 years ago I started my second life.

If you were to put together a look for Monday, what would it be?
Beige double-pleated chinos and green double-breasted jacket, both tailor-made by Caruso. Navy blue tricot tie, suspenders, and a pocket square. The cherry on the cake? Hemingway brown suede tassel loafers by Barbanera.