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The Good Italian II awards

Caruso - the Good Italian II awards
The series of short films sponsored by Caruso which celebrates the wonders of Italy and all that is excellent about being Italian has been appreciated by film critics.

The Good Italian II - The Prince Goes to Milan, the second film in the saga presented at the January 2016 edition at Pitti Uomo, has already won ten prizes at the most important  "Fashion Film Festivals" in the world −La Jolla, Berlin, London, Cape Town, Miami, Calgary, Chicago −  and at the festival of Italian culture in Toronto, the  "Italian Canadian Film Festival" (ICFF).

Among the many categories in which it has received awards, as well as Best Picture and Best Story, the prizes for the Best Casting and Best Actor stand out, together representing half the awards, thanks to the presence of Giancarlo Giannini, in the part of the refined Prince of Soragna, always accompanied by the legendary Fefé, the imaginary icon of Caruso elegance, played by the young actor Emanuele Angeloni.

Caruso - the Good Italian II