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Caruso - Quattroventi
quattroventi is the fine-quality fabric created by Loro Piana exclusively worldwide for Caruso.

While Loro Piana is synonymous with excellence in the research and production of superior fabrics, Caruso is synonymous with excellence in the tailored manufacture of Italian handmade menswear.

quattroventi comes from one of the oldest farms in New South Wales, Australia. The farm stands at the top of a hill that is completely exposed to winds from all four directions. Hence the name four winds or quattroventi in Italian. The special merino sheep that have always bred in this wind-swept paradise produce the extra-fine fleece of this fabric.

Caruso - Quattroventi
The extra-fine fleece is then transformed into 16 micron yarn…

which is so fine that just one kilo of this wool is 96-kilometres long (titre 96,000)… the ultra-soft yarn is twisted into two-ply and woven on the Loro Piana looms giving the fabric a natural elasticity that is super-resistant without any artificial treatment.

Caruso - Quattroventi
At last, after having travelled tens of thousands of kilometres from the Australian four winds farm,

quattroventi reaches Soragna, Italy, in the Po valley, near the river and the city of Parma, the kingdom of art, opera and gourmet hams. This is where the Caruso tailoring factory has stood since 1958. With the greatest care and attention to the details of men’s style, cut and sewing, the Caruso tailors make the unique garment that you are about to wear.