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Via Gesù 4
20121 Milano
Tel. +39 02 76340496
Caruso store Milano - via Gesu 4
From the sidewalk of number 4 Via Gesù, from those arched windows in Vicenza stone, once the entrance to the Convent of the Sisters of Jesus who gave their name to the street in 1498, you understand that a special place lies beyond: definitely not the usual menswear store.

There is nothing better for a tenor than to pass through the backstage of an opera theatre ...the Regio of Parma, to get ready for his debut: there is time to peep out from behind the curtain and spy on the mood of the public… that murmur, the instruments of the orchestra as they tune up in the pit, the coughing here and there...the smell of the performance.

That unstoppable impulse to run away in order not have to face alone the darkness and a thousand eyes watching you, waiting for, as if by magic, a divine sound to be released from your body ...not an instrument of wood and strings, but a tangle of emotions and technique. All this takes place behind the curtain, backstage, which is a unique and magical place, according to actors and singers who, once they are on stage, forget all their uncertainties and become the undisputed heroes of their story.

Caruso store Milano - via Gesu 4
In the same way, men will feel the protagonists of their way of being elegant and expressing to the best their passion for dressing, on the stage of the new Caruso flagship store in Milan.

From the window you enter straight on to the stage of antique wood, flooded with natural daylight which comes straight from a skylight and the most surprising sartorial suits hang from the theatre’s step-units in the wings of the stage and from the ropes of the curtain. Classic, traditional, of supreme quality, lightweight and warm, functional and impeccable but… with that extra detail, that “contemporary twist” which is always hinted at, but never clearly defined, in Caruso pieces.

Seeing is believing...

Caruso store Milano - via Gesu 4

The highlight is the art installation commissioned from the wood artist Giuseppe Amato, who had already created the intarsia presented at the brand’s first flagship store in New York, inspired by the passing of seasons.

Caruso store Milano - via Gesu 4

The main suit room, was inspired by the racks and shelves of the famous “Banco dei Pegni” in Palermo: the storage units and niches are all made using solid oak coming from trees that “died on their feet” (of old age), reinforced by antique iron finishes.

Caruso store Milano - via Gesu 4

Anyone who follows the indications of Feng Shui would say that the vibrations in this space are so fluid and free of obstacles that the visitor feels completely at ease, ensconced in the two large dark leather armchairs on the stage...he does not feel the pressure of time that flies, he is persuaded to stay there… precisely in Via Gesù, #laviadelluomo