• Unique Fabrics


For Autumn/Winter, Caruso has now produced an exceptionally fine fabric that is also resistant to the stress of modern life.

It is called "Ideale" after the famous Italian chamber romance that was all the rage in London in the early 20th century, particularly because Francesco Paolo Tosti, its composer, was also seduced by Savile Row’s impeccable men’s suits.

Traditionally, the British favour heavy and resistant fabrics that use Super 100/120s yarns, even though they have a less attractive feel. Italians, on the contrary, prefer extremely fine thread counts (2-ply from Super 150s to 200s) and in lighter weights (220 grams), even though they don’t guarantee the resistance required for a tailored suit and for prolonged use.

For its best clients Caruso presents Ideale, the 4-ply fabric with Super 180s yarn that weighs 300 grams. It is ideal for a fully tailored suit with the Italian touch and the perfect hang.