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Fefè, Napoli

Fefe portrait

"Cchiù luntana me staie, cchiù vicina te sento...chi sa chisto mumento tu a che pienze...che ffaie".
("You're far from me, but I feel you're close ... who knows in this moment what you're thinking about, what you're doing")
My name is Raffaele di Sangro, but my stage name is Fefé. I was born in Mergellina in 1942. Today my address is Parco Carelli 34 Bis, Posillipo. And my job? Flâneur (loafer). In another era they would have called ma a "gagà" and I like this word because it rhymes with the name of the dessert, "babà". For me life should always be a real pleasure, otherwise what sort of life is it? I was born at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, or "a muntagna," as we say in the local dialect. I grew up in Naples, the city of a thousand aromas, which during the post-war years was falling apart, as shown in the neosurrealism of Rossellini's films and Curzio Malaparte's stories.
We lived in a baroque apartment building that had seen better days. I started travelling at an early age and I completed my studies in Swinging London, where I befriended Mods, dandies and Savile Row tailors. And it was there that I found the inspiration for my reinterpreted classical style, which I combined with extravagant details and the loud colours of the Mediterranean. And then I came back to Naples, where I love walking down Via Caracciolo dressed in elegant clothes that raise the occasional smile from passers-by. "Ma che vulite fà...." (What do you want to do?) By paying close attention to detail, I manage to amuse both myself and others...