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Manufacturing Renaissance

Caruso - Manufacturing Renaissance
From Naples to Soragna

During the years of the economic boom in Italy, Raffaele Caruso, a master tailor of the famous Neapolitan school, decided to move to the province of Parma in 1958. He opened a bespoke tailor’s shop in Soragna to serve the area’s affluent clientele and hired two seamstresses, who later became his wife and his sister-in-law. Caruso carried on his business with such great determination and commitment that, like many other entrepreneurs in that magical period of transformation of the country, he eventually created a large company of 600 employees. Caruso spa is today a leader in the production of Italian tailored men’s fashions.

Caruso - Manufacturing Renaissance
Products and technology

Caruso has been the international standard for luxury brands that want to develop menswear lines with great quality fabrics, finishes and accessories, that use both highly advanced industrial technology and traditional Italian tailoring. Five percent of the company's resources are invested each year in Research and Development -experimenting with materials and models, organization and technology to guarantee that Caruso is always aware of what its most demanding clients may require.

Caruso - Manufacturing Renaissance

The most exciting challenges prompt the most creativity from Caruso. Four thousand prototypes are manufactured in the Soragna factory each year by thirty specialists. These include pattern designers and prototype makers, who are always in constant contact with the creative teams of each client brand. The secret of the evolution of the tailored men’s suit is an exceptional process that is founded on the highest, the inimitable standard of quality of Italian production and a vast amount of experimentation.

Caruso - Manufacturing Renaissance
Hand made in Italy

The evolution from the prototype to the suit is in the hands of the seamstresses and tailors at Caruso.Although on average these artisans are only about forty years old, they produce the finest articles of clothing in the world. They are used to cutting, smoothing, assembling, and rounding every sort of jacket for men. All the different fabrics, embroidery, yarn and accessories have been seen selected and shaped by the staff in Soragna. These teams have accumulated a collective expertise that is unique in the trade, because they combine in a single production site an artisan workshop, a creative studio, as well as all the innovation that is associated with modern industry.

Caruso - Manufacturing Renaissance
Caruso Boys

The company’s own brand — Caruso — was born in the hotbed of the "Fabbrica Sartoriale Italiana" and is aimed at men of all ages and nationalities who share the same concept of Italian style and the sensibilities of the elegant man all over the world. To represent them, Caruso has created artistic mannequins-testimonials that wear its collections and show off Italian men’s passion for elegance. Their motto is “in menswear do as the Italians do”.

Caruso - Manufacturing Renaissance
Fabbrica Sartorial Italiana

The name FABBRICA SARTORIALE ITALIANA intuitively captures the mission of the most important factory in Italy and in Europe for men’s outerwear. The facility, which produces one hundred thousand tailored pieces a year — 10%  of which are made to measure — is nestled in the countryside of the lower Po plain, covered by climbing plants and bound by a “roggia”, a typical irrigation ditch. As in the past, there are also two rows of field maples around which vines cling voluptuously. Locally they are said to be “married” to the tree, with bunches of grapes at eye level.